First Year Competition

First Year Competition - Auburn Hills

Students in their first year at Thomas M.Cooley Law School, who have not taken Evidence, argue a basic criminal or civil case in teams of two. The trial focuses on telling the client’s story in a persuasive manner.

Hillary 2014 First Year Competition Winners

April McKie & Conway Porter

A special thank you to Dean Halushka for judging the final round!

Hillary 2014 First Year Competition Finalists

April McKie & Conway Porter (Winners)  

Ester Acosta & Mark Bland (Finalists)

Michaelmas 2013 First Year Semi-Finalists

Competition Prerequisites: Only students who are not enrolled in and have not completed Evidence may compete. Students compete in teams of two. Students must provide their own witnesses. Students may act as the witness for their partner or may ask another person(s) to act as a witness.  Rules of Evidence are not used; however, some guidance regarding demeanor is provided for the flow of the trial.

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