Auburn Hills


                                                 Hilary 2018




Faculty Advisor  

Dean Lisa Halushka

Executive Board Members

Guy Cotter

Vice - President
Laila Malki 

Secretary/ Treasurer (SECT-ER)
David Drury
Tamara Mathis


Are you interested?

        Whether you have an interest in litigation or not, Mock Trial can be something for you!!! As a law school student, your job is to get as much experience as you possibly can in Law School and to expose yourself to everything. This is imperative because by doing this, you are ultimately deciding on what interests you the most. That's where MOCK TRIAL can come in!!!!

    The Mock Trial Board organization has fostered some of the best litigators in the nation, which is why we are considered to be one of the most prestigious organizations both on Cooley’s campus and nationwide. The benefits of having Mock Trial experience are endless and potential employers actively seek those that have acquired practical experience through this organization.

Furthermore, having Mock Trial experience allows a person to understand the process of a trial, to prepare a case as a defense attorney and prosecutor, work with a team member to devise an argument, present their arguments as if they were attorneys in front of a jury panel and judge, and build the confidence of a speaker. 

We encourage everyone to participate!