Auburn Hills

Trinity 2016




Faculty Advisor  

Dean Lisa Halushka

Executive Board Members

 Sarah L. Gorski

Stacey Yelda

James Langley

Paul Spann
Wayne Bess

Mark Splain

Andrew Gill


Are you interested in litigation?

 Hello Future Litigators:

Welcome to Western Michigan Thomas Cooley Law School. We wish you great success during your time here. The Mock Trial Board organization has fostered some of the best litigators in the nation, which is why we are considered to be one of the most prestigious organizations both on Cooley’s campus and nationwide. The benefits of having Mock Trial experience are endless and potential employers actively seek those that have acquired practical experience through this organization.

Becoming a Member:

Mock Trial actively seeks members that want to develop their trial skills while still having fun! If you would like to gain more practical trial experience and set yourself apart from other employment candidates, please click on the "Member Information" tab.