Ingham County VTC

During the Michaelmas 2010 Term the Thomas M. Cooley Law School Military Veterans Law Student Association was honored to have guest speaker Judge David L. Jordon of the 54-B District Court, located in East Lansing, Michigan, speak to our organization about a special type of treatment court tailored specifically to the veteran community. This page includes information about the court, information on how to contact the court, and a downloadable application for those interested in volunteering some time as mentors for our nation's veterans.


Leave No Veteran Behind


Establish a specialty court which will identify those defendants who served or are serving in the United States Armed forces to:

  • ·         Coordinate services between the court, probation, Veteran Affairs, and any service providers
  • ·         Provide veteran mentors to veteran defendants
  • ·         Provide probation monitoring and court supervision twice monthly
  • ·         Coordinate feedback between the court, probation, Veteran Affairs, and any service providers
  • ·         Treat the needs of the veteran promptly and professionally

About the Ingham County Veterans' Treatment Court

The 30th Circuit, 54A, 54B, and 55th District Courts of Ingham County has established the Ingham County Veteran's Treatment Court (ICVTC).  It will be held at the 54B District Court.

The ICVTC integrates alcohol and drug treatment and mental health services with supervision of each veteran's probationary case.  The ICVTC will promote sobriety, recovery and stability through a coordinated response to the veteran's dependency on alcohol and other drugs and/or mental health issues.

Realization of these goals requires a team approach.  It includes the cooperation and collaboration of traditional partners found in specialty courts with the addition of Veterans Affairs resources, support organizations for veterans and families and veteran mentors.  The ICVTC has developed partnerships throughout the criminal justice system and veterans' system to create this court.

The cases include misdemeanors and selected lower severity felonies.

Know Someone Who the Ingham County Veterans' Treatment Court Might Help?

How to get started.....

Call the person's lawyer


Call the prosecuting official on the case.  You can find out this information from the court of jurisdiction

30th Circuit: 517.483.6500
55th District: 517.676.8400
54-A District: 517.483.4433
54-B District: 517.351.7000


Call the Ingham County Veterans' Treatment Court at 517.336.8692