1.1  The name of this organization shall be the Military Veterans Law Student Association (MVLSA) of Thomas M. Cooley Law School (hereinafter referred to as MVLSA).


2.1  MVLSA  is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, more specifically to support Thomas M. Cooley Law School students who are veterans, family of veterans, and other students who have interest in serving in the United States military.


3.1  There will be two classes of members: Voting and Non-Voting members.
3.1.1  Voting Members: Shall be open to any student who pays the appropriate dues and is enrolled in the Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

3.1.2  Non-Voting Members: Shall be open to any student, and any member of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School faculty or administrative staff.  All students, faculty, and staff of Thomas M. Cooley Law School are welcome to attend general body meetings and MVLSA sponsored events.


4.1  MVLSA voting members and members of the Executive Board shall pay a fee of $10 per academic term or $25 per year at the beginning of the fiscal year or at the time of entry into the organization.

4.2  All dues shall be paid directly to the Treasurer of MVLSA and should be paid prior to the end of week 4 of the term that they are due.

4.3  Revenues from sources other than those defined in this section may be raised through fundraising events approved by the voting membership of this organization.


5.1  The Executive Board is responsible for overall policy and direction of the organization, and delegate’s responsibility for day-to-day operations.  The Board shall have up to four (4) and not fewer than three (3) members.  The board receives no compensation.

5.2  The Executive Board shall meet at least once (1) per term at an agreed upon time and place.

5.3  The elected officers of MVLSA shall consist of: the President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Public Relations, Secretary, and Treasurer.

5.4  Each officer shall be a paid voting member and in good academic standing at the Thomas M. Cooley Law School. 
5.4.1  Each officer must pay their financial dues to the Treasurer at the beginning of their term of office.
5.4.2  If an officer who has not paid their dues within a timely manner cannot remain in their position as officer.

5.5  All officers shall serve for a term of one (1) year.

5.6  Any officer who, during the term of their office, cease to be a voting member, fail to maintain their status as a law student at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, falls below good academic standing, or disciplinary standing shall be removed from their office, and replaced accordingly.


6.1  Elections of new Executive Board members or elections of current Executive Board members to a second term shall occur as the first item of business at the second general body meeting of the Trinity term.

6.2  Executive Board members will be elected by the majority vote of the current organization members that are under the "voting member" status.

6.3  All Executive Board members shall serve one (1) year terms, but are eligible for re-election.

6.4  Elections shall be held during the Trinity term of every year and new officers shall take office at the beginning of the Michaelmas term following elections.


7.1  General body meetings of MVLSA shall be held at a minimum of four (4) times per term.

7.2  Notice of each meeting shall be given to each voting member, by e-mail, not less than seven days before the meeting.

7.3  Special meetings may be called by the President with at least 48 hours notice of such meeting to the general body.

7.4  The first general body meeting each term shall be held within the first two (2) weeks.


8.1  A voting quorum of the voting members must be present to conduct an election.

8.2  A voting quorum shall consist of 1/3 of the total voting membership of the organization.


9.1  President
9.1.1  Must be an active voting member of MVLSA and be in good academic standing at Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

   Presides at all regular, special, and executive board meetings.

   Acts as the official spokesperson and representative of MVLSA.

   Coordinates with the Executive Vice President regarding meeting agendas.

   Delegates authority to other members of MVLSA, Executive Board members and/or non-MVLSA members.

   Commits MVLSA to obligations consistent with the purpose of MVLSA, subject to the approval of the voting membership.

   Creates special committees as needed.

   Appoints members to special committee positions.
9.2  Executive Vice President
9.2.1  Must be an active voting member of MVLSA and be in good academic standing at Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

   Presides at meetings in the absence of the President.

   Works alongside the President in regards to meeting agendas.

   Serves as an overseer of all MVLSA events, meetings, and functions

   Chairs all special committees as designated by the President.

9.3  Secretary

9.3.1  Must be an active voting member of MVLSA and be in good academic standing   at  Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

9.3.2  Takes the minutes at all meetings.  If the secretary is cannot attend a specific  meeting they are required to make arrangements for another voting member to competently do so.

   Responsible for keeping records of Board actions, overseeing the taking of minutes at all meetings, sending out meeting announcements, distributing copies of minutes and the agenda to each executive board member, and assuring the corporate records are maintained.
9.3.4  Responsible for reserving rooms for meetings.

   Posting and distributing notices for meetings, events, and any other functions sponsored by MVLSA.

   Handles all correspondence with non-MVLSA member individuals and organizations and all internal correspondence.
9.4  Treasurer
9.4.1  Must be an active voting member of MVLSA and be in good academic standing at Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

   Reports to MVLSA at each general body and executive board meeting regarding the organization's financial position.

   Prepare, the annual budget.

   Manage all financial affairs of the organization

   Manage dues and report status of the current membership.

   The Treasurer is prohibited from approving or signing for any expense that is not accompanied with a receipt, contract, or other tangible documentation acknowledging the cost incurred.

9.5  Vice President of Public Relations

9.5.1  Must be an active voting member of MVLSA and be in good academic standing at Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

9.5.2  Responsible for maintaining a professional image among the student body, the        school, and the community.

9.5.3  Coordinates with school officials and/or community leaders for the purposes of      building relationships, planning for events, and maintaining a presence.

9.5.4  Responsible for ensuring that all public media is maintained in a clean and    professional manner that represents the mission of MVLSA.  This includes but is not             limited to appointing a Webmaster, social media coordinator, or delegating individuals to design poster advertisements.


10.1  If an Executive Board member's position should become vacant before the anticipated expiration of their tenure, the President shall appoint active voting members of MVLSA to vacant positions.  Such appointment shall be presented before the Executive Board and the remaining members of the Executive Board shall ratify such appointment.

10.2  In the event the President's position becomes vacant prior to the end of their term, the Executive Vice President shall become President and shall appoint an Executive Vice President at such time.  They shall continue the position of the Presidency  until such time of general elections in the Trinity term.

10.3  Resignation from the Executive Board must be in writing and received by the Secretary.  A Board member shall be dropped for excess absences from the Board if they have three unexcused absences from either general, special, or executive board meetings in a year. 

10.4  A board member may be removed for other reasons by a three-fourths vote of the remaining board members and confirmed by a majority vote from all eligible “voting members.”


11.1  MVLSA shall have at least one faculty advisor, who shall be a full-time member of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School faculty, staff, or administration.  The advisor shall be elected by a simple majority of voting members during the election of MVLSA officers.


12.1  Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed by any member at any MVLSA meeting, and shall be voted upon at the following general body meeting following notice of such proposed amendment(s) to the voting members.  Such notice shall be given within one (1) week prior to the meeting for which the amendment is expected to be voted on.

12.2  The Bylaws may be amended by an affirmative two-thirds (2/3) vote of the voting members.

12.3  The newly added, amended, or withdrawn article shall take effect immediately upon receiving the required number of votes.


13.1  Ratification by unanimous vote of the current Executive Board shall be sufficient to establish these bylaws as the official bylaws of MVLSA.


14.1  Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not specifically covered by these bylaws.

Amendment History: Adopted September 20, 2010; Amended June 1, 2011; Amended September 14, 2011.