Our mission is to create a unique environment where students and faculty can come together for one purpose – to support our military men and women, past present and future, who gave and will continue to unselfishly give of themselves in order to protect and defend our country and our freedom.


Making the transition from a military mindset to law school is a challenge, and we support each other during the entire process. From a private exam bank and tutorials, to camaraderie-building events like skeet shooting and sporting events, we do our best to support each other.


MVLSA is a young organization, but we're also one of the fastest growing. Thanks to our phenomenal start, we were awarded Best New Organiztion in 2010, Best Social Event of the Year in 2010 and 2011, and Best Academic Event of the Year in 2011. Our growth can do nothing but continue.


Please take some time to look through our website for upcoming meetings and events.We are interested in meeting you and encourage all who have the time to attend one of our general body meetings.

2013 Organizational Cup Champions
(last updated: 03 March 2013 at 08:10)
  • A HUGE congratulations to the MVLSA for being crowned as the Best Organization at the Lansing campus of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School for the 2012 year! Thank you so much to everyone who has put in the hard work to make this possible, as this victory belongs to you as well! We're going to be putting even more work into our events and package for next year so that we can start a streak and keep our reputation alive! BZ everyone!