Volume 28 Number 1

Speech Transcripts

You Were There
Justice Thomas E. Brennan

The State-Application-and-Convention Method of Amending the Constitution: The Founding Era Vision 
Robert G. Natelson

The Article V Convention: Discussing the Reality Versus the Fantasy
Bill Walker

Constitutional Traitors
Joel S. Hirschhorn

Article V Symposium
William H. Fruth

Symposium Response Comments

A Response to Justice Thomas Brennan's Remarks at the
Thomas M. Cooley Law School Article V Symposium

William Van Alstyne

The Case for Calling an Article V Convention
Paul D. Carrington


Art or Assets: University Museums and the Future of Deaccessioning
Christian H. Brill

A Look at the Constitutional Implications of Retrospective Laws: The Case of the False Claims Act
Monica P. Navarro


Michigan's Texting Ban: One Step Forward, Too Many Steps Back
Thomas B. Falkner III