About Us

Mission Statement

The Thomas M. Cooley Law Review's mission as a student organization is to publish pragmatic legal scholarship for  judges, practicing attorneys, and students of the law by affording a new generation of legal scholars the opportunity for growth in research, editing, and writing.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Thomas M. Cooley Law Review is to emerge as an innovative leader in the publication of legal scholarship through new partnerships, expanded access, functional transparency, and enhanced communication.

Founded in 1982, the Thomas M. Cooley Law Review is committed to the highest standards of legal publication.

The staff prides itself on the comprehensive editing and reviewing of articles, to ensure all items published are innovative and of professional quality.

In addition to publication three times a year, the Thomas M. Cooley Law Review also sponsors a lecture series, an annual symposium, and a distinguished brief award.

As of June 13, 2006, Thomas M. Cooley Law Review articles have been cited by 312 different law-related periodicals totaling 987 law review articles.

Articles in the Law Review have been used as persuasive authority in seven briefs in the United States Supreme Court – including one decided in 2006. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has cited one of the Law Review's articles in one of her opinions. Articles have been cited in the decisions of 10 state supreme courts: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia. The Law Review's articles have also been cited by the United States Court of Appeals for the 5th, 6th, and 8th Circuits, as well as numerous state appellate and district courts.