Responsibilities of a Student Organization

  • Organization Fair
  • Organization Close Guidelines (Under Construction)
  • Leadership Points
  • Leadership Resources
  • Mailboxes
    • The SBA has provided each organization with a mailbox located in the SBA office. The SBA and other committees use these mailboxes as the primary form of communication and recommend that each organization check their respective mailbox diligently. The SBA will not be liable if an organization is absent from a required meeting, has its charter revoked, or has its budget frozen due to their failure to regularly check their mailbox. 
  • Reserving a Table in the Cooley Center Lobby:
    • Please come into the SBA office to check the availability and to sign up for a requested time.
    • Student organizations may request to use the SBA table located in the lobby of the Cooley Center, only after being denied a table by Cooley. In order to request the table times please come into the SBA office and sign-up for a table time if available. 
    • The SBA has the ability to withdraw a confirmation if they determine they need use of the table. The SBA must contact the student organization with 24 hours notice if they wish to withdraw the confirmation. 
    • Student organizations are required to give 24 hours notice if they wish to cancel their table time. 
    • If a student organization fails to give proper notice of cancellation, they may lose access to this privilege. 
  • Insurance