Each Class may elect up to 4 individuals to serve as Senators, as well as an Alternate Senator. Senators are representatives of the student body.  They establish policy, represent the interests of the general student body, and ensure that student concerns are being met.  Any concerns can be brought to the class senators, who will raise the matter at Senate. 

If you are interested in filling a vacant position, please contact the Director of Rules and Elections.

                                                       SBA Class Senators
Vinson Class - May 14
Tiffany West
Director: Joy Etinfoh

Woodbury Class - Sept 15
Chantale Eid
Angelo Minardi
Christine Doxy
Zeina Bazzi
Director: Sianei Gbleehai
Interim Director: Geofrey Bilabaye

Burger Class - Sept 14
Charell Elliott
Director - Yannique Kennedy

Boyle Class - Jan 15
Britanie Pope

Miller Class - Sept 16
Matthew Hotchkiss
Myra Feagin
Elizabeth Cousin
Charles Hickman
Rachel Doxtaber
Cody Seville - Alternate