Meet the Senate

Each Class may elect up to 5 individuals to serve as Senators, as well as an Alternate Senator. Senators
are representatives of the student body.  They establish policy, represent the interests of the general
student body, and ensure that student concerns are being met.  Any concerns can be brought to the class
senators, who will raise the matter at Senate. 

If you are interested in filling a vacant position, please contact the Director of Rules and Elections.

                                                       SBA Class Senators

Miller Class - Sept 16
Cody Saville
Serah Waweru
Michael Nourie
Taryn Dennis
Shareesia Wilson

Fields Class- May 17    
Kenya Adams
Amia Banks
Janet McDuffey
Amanda Wilson
Tomas Muniz Santiago

Ward Hunt Class- Jan-17
Johnathan Flancher
Anthony Alvarado
Anthony Juliette
Ashlee Kevwitch
Perry Lateocki
Eric Herndon 

David-Davis Class - Jan 17
Jameel Williams
Megan Babut

Strong Class- Sept 17
Jonathan Masongo
Luna Sayej
Crystal Grantham
Stephanie O'sadabe
Jomi Ogunfiditimi