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Student Services & Intramurals

"Student Services, for people who want more."

The Student Bar Association’s Student Services Committee is a very involved position to hold. The committee allows members to flex their creativity and volunteer involvement as different events are held regularly. That being said, the committee also requires dedication. It requires members to be personable, outgoing, and open to hear not only all the needs of the students, but the needs of the community.

How does Student Services Help?

Student Services Committee works to benefit the entire student population through various ways, including, but not limited to:

Complied, designed, and distributed by Student Services, this card provides a variety of community discounts to the students. 

  • Cooley for Kids

Held annually, this SBA event provides 500 children with the benefit of attending a Lansing Lugnuts Baseball game. Student Services sets up the event and both fundraises and participates to help provide the children with the experience.

  • Organizational Fair

Each term various Cooley organizations meet to discuss with students the benefits of becoming involved. Student Services provides them a forum in which to meet and learn how to get involved.

How can you join?

Easy, you can become a member of the Student Bar Association Senate and join the Student Services Committee or you can feel free to contact the Student Services Director about volunteering your time to the committee. Student Services is always willing to hear any thoughts or ideas on how to make Thomas M. Cooley Law School a better place, so stop by the SBA office on the lower level of the Cooley Center today!


Sports are a great way to stay healthy and release stress from the everyday pressures of law school. Each term the Student Bar Association holds intramurals in which all students are encouraged to participate. The SBA works with city leagues in the community and often pays part of the costs associated with playing in a city league.

This position is currently vacant.