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Encouraging social, athletic, recreational, and cultural activities among students, faculty, the legal profession, and the community.

The Social Committee strives to help students adapt to the law school environment and promote a positive learning experience at Cooley by reminding students to maintain a healthy balance between work and play. The Social Committee organizes and hosts social events each term. It encourages student participation in the various social, athletic, recreational, and cultural activities organized on campus. These social events give students the opportunity to network amongst fellow students, faculty, legal professionals, and the community, allowing them to establish important contacts that could be beneficial throughout their legal careers.

The most notable social event that the Lansing Campus SBA hosts is the Thomas M. Cooley Annual Barrister’s Ball. Barrister’s Ball is a formal, black-tie social event that accommodates approximately 400 students and professors each year. At the Barrister’s Ball, the SBA acknowledges the hard work, dedication, and leadership demonstrated by student organizations on campus, and presents the most esteemed organization with the Organizational Cup Award.