The Bylaws were amended in the Hilary 2017 term.

Table of Contents


I.                    Corporate Identity and Definitions                                                   

II.                 Purpose and Affiliation                                                              

III.              Membership                                                                                                     

IV.               Executive Board Officers                                                                 

V.                 Board of Directors                                                                                        

VI.               Student Senate                                                                                                 

VII.            Committees                                                                                                      

VIII.         Attendance                                                                                                       

IX.               Elections                                                                                                             

X.                 Impeachment, Removal, and Recall                                                     

XI.               Fiscal Matters                                                                                                                          

XII.            Chartering of External Student Organizations                              

XIII.         Amendments                                                                                                    

XIV.          Reference to Other Documents                                                             

XV.            Honor Code, Discrimination, & Sexual Harassment                     

XVI.          Death Contribution Policy                                                                        

XVII.       Nonprofit Compliance                                                                                

XVIII.    SBA Office