The masthead is where the structure of the Law Journal can be found, each position displayed with the name of the person who fills that position. Our past mastheads can be found under the links at the bottom of the page.

This is our current masthead:   


                                                         HILARY 2015 MASTHEAD








Senior Marketing Editor

Sara Husseini


Legal Conference Editor

Christina Jeter


Senior Business Editor

Cynthia LaBaza





Christine Laney


Managing Editor

Ian Rothe


Communications and Web Editor

Garett Curtis


Senior Articles Editor

Monique Merritt


Articles Editor

Anne VanderBroek

Cynthia Whitman

Campus Coordinators

Monique Merritt - Auburn Hills

Justin Wheeler - Grand Rapids

Christine Laney – Tampa Bay


Faculty Advisor

Erika Breitfeld









Interim Marketing Editor

Lisa Westberry


Interim Legal Conference Editor

Orielle Newsome


Interim Business Editor

Justin Wheeler


Associate Editors

             Ciarra Adkins                                        Zanib Arshed                                  Deb Berg-Simon
           Porscha Brown                                    Marla Garland                                 Nicole Karlau
         George Latimer- Knight                       Charles Mollien                                Rebecca Siegel
             James Vitrano                                                                                                    Dylan White



                      Michaelmas 2014

                      Hilary Term 2014

                      Michaelmas Term 2013 

                     Hilary Term 2013 ~ Volume 14.2

                           Michaelmas Term 2012 ~ Volume 15.1 
                          Trinity Term 2012 ~ Volume 14.3
                         Hilary Term 2012 ~ Volume 14.2
                         Michaelmas Term 2011 ~ Volume 14.1
                        Trinity Term 2011 ~ Volume 13.3