Auburn Hills Editorial Board Members

Left to Right:

Managing Editor:  Andrew Gipe
Editor-in-Chief:  Katie Sabo
Business & Marketing Editor:  Jason Latorre
Articles Editor: Melanie White

Tampa Bay Editorial Board Members

Left to Right: 
Articles Editor:  Jennifer Diaz
Interim Marketing Editor: Sierra Whitaker-Davis
Interim Managing Editor: Sheila Lake
Senior Articles Editor:  Mark Streufert
Interim Resource Editor: Cynthia Pritchett
Resource Editor - Natalie McSwane

Editorial Board Requirements

The following positions are open for applications beginning Michaelmas 2016:

* Editor-in-Chief (Interim)
* Business Editor (Interim)
* Senior Articles Editor (Interim)
* Marketing Editor (Interim)
* Articles Editors

If you would you like to be considered for an Editorial Board Position, you must first be accepted as an Associate Editor. Please contact for more information.