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ISO Bylaws

Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be the Thomas M. Cooley Intramural Sports Organization of the Auburn Hills Campus (hereinafter referred to as the ISO).

Article II – Mission Statement

2.1 The Intramural Sports Organization (ISO) strives to develop teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, communication, and relationships within a law school environment. Every event is designed to help individuals grow socially, physically, and mentally in competitive recreational activities. The Intramural Program will allow students to participate in activities to enhance communication amongst the community and within the walls of Cooley Auburn Hills. It is the mission of the Intramural Sports Organization to encourage participation, communication, and dedication that mirrors the teachings of the Cooley Faculty in and out of the classroom.

Article III – Purpose

3.1 The ISO will work closely with our educational partner, Oakland University, to provide extra-curricular opportunities that are deemed beneficial to its members. The Intramural Sports Organization is inclusive of all races, genders, religions, ages, national origins, and sexual preferences. Not only will academic and social interaction be promoted among the students, but also amongst faculty and administration as well. By organizing this group of members, society outside of Cooley will develop an awareness and appreciation for the profession of law, and professionalism will be promoted on, and off the playing fields.

Article IV – Officers and Duties

4.1 The officers elected as the Executive Board of the ISO include the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Director of Community Service, and Director of Public Relations.
4.2 Each officer shall be in good standing at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, and shall uphold the mission and purpose of the ISO.
4.3 All officers shall serve for a term of one year, and may only hold one ISO officer position at one time. Officers shall remain in office for the entire year, or until he/she graduates, resigns, or is impeached, whichever comes first.
4.4 Any officer who fails to remain in good standing shall be removed from their office and replaced according to these bylaws.
4.5 President – The President shall:
4.5 (A) Preside at all meetings of the ISO;
4.5 (B) See that the bylaws are enforced;
4.5 (C) Attend all ISO meetings in good faith;
4.5 (D) Appoint temporary officers to fill vacancies in the case of impeachment, graduation, resignation, or any other reason for vacancy;
4.5 (E) Coordinate with the Faculty Advisors as necessary;
4.5 (F) Coordinate with Oakland University on all matters which require such communication;
4.5 (G) Delegate duties not included in these bylaws to elected Executive Board Members.
4.6 Vice-President – The Vice-President shall:
4.6 (A) Act as Deputy to the ISO President, and fill-in in at any meetings in which the President is not present;
4.6 (B) Attend all ISO meetings in good faith;
4.6 (C) Supervise all Executive Board members and their activities;
4.6 (D) Perform and act as President in the case of vacancy, resignation, graduation, or impeachment;
4.6 (E) Act as a liaison between all members and the Executive Board of the ISO;
4.6 (F) Coordinate with Oakland University on all matters which require such communication, under the direction of the ISO President.
4.6 (G) Oversee all membership issues and resolve any conflict arising out of membership.
4.7 Secretary – The Secretary shall:
4.7 (A) Attend all ISO meetings in good faith;
4.7 (B) Record the minutes of all meetings, and produce these minutes for publication to the Director of Public Relations with 48 hours after the meeting has adjourned;
4.7 (C) Issue agenda prior to the commencement of all meetings, after coordination with the President and Vice-President;
4.7 (D) Keep and maintain all official records.
4.8 Treasurer – The Treasurer shall:
4.8 (A) Maintain the financial records of the ISO;
4.8 (B) Receive all money due, and provide receipts for all money taken into the ISO;
4.8 (C) Make payments from ISO funds as agreed upon by the ISO Executive Board;
4.8 (D) Be responsible for the completion and filing of any tax related forms;
4.8 (E) Provide all records for inspection upon notice by the ISO President or Vice-President;
4.8 (F) Properly report the balance, financial standing, or any other financial matter to the ISO Executive Board when requested or prompted.
4.8 (G) Collect all membership dues, track, and report membership.
4.9 Parliamentarian – The Parliamentarian shall:
4.9 (A) Monitor and supervise the rules and elections held in the ISO;
4.9 (B) Maintain all rules of order in accordance with the Robert’s Rules of Order;
4.9 (C) Be advised of the ISO bylaws, and advise the ISO President of any corrections that must be made;
4.9 (D) Recommend to the Executive Board any changes that should be made to these bylaws. Any changes made to the bylaws must be supported by a two-thirds majority vote of the entire ISO;
4.9 (E) Act as a grievance liaison, and up channel all grievances, concerns, or violations to the Executive Board
4.10 Director of Public Relations – The Director of Public Relations shall:
4.10 (A) Publicize all ISO events;
4.10 (B) Create and maintain the ISO website;
4.10 (C) Publish all meeting minutes to the ISO website;
4.10 (D) Coordinate with the President and Vice-President to discuss all upcoming events, issues, and concerns
4.10 (E) Grant approval of all ISO attire after coordination with the President and Vice-President after the ISO has agreed to sponsor an event
4.11 Director of Community Service – The Director of Community Service shall:
4.11 (A) Create, coordinate, and support community service relationships in the ISO;
4.11 (B) Create and preside over a committee designed to recommend community service activities to the ISO;
4.11 (C) Coordinate with the President and Vice-President regarding matters that require ISO attention including upcoming community projects, events, speakers, etc.

Article V – Membership

5.1 The Intramural Sports Organization is inclusive of all races, genders, religions, ages, national origins, and sexual preferences. Membership in the ISO requires only that members are currently enrolled students at the Thomas M. Cooley Auburn Hills Campus, sign an additional Honor Code statement, sign the general release of liability, and that members have signed the membership agreement provided as Attachment I to these bylaws.
5.2 Faculty and administration at Cooley Auburn Hills are admissible as members only by two-thirds majority vote of the ISO Executive Board and members. However, any intramural sport in which the faculty or administrative member wishes to participate in will be subject to a fee determinable by the Executive Board.

Article VI – Meetings

6.1 Meetings will be held twice per month during the Michaelmas and Hilary terms, and once per month during the Trinity term. Meetings are open to all Cooley students, faculty, and administration; however, membership is limited to those listed in Article V.

Article VII – Elections

7.1 Elections will be held in the Michaelmas term of the calendar year. Special elections will be held when a vacancy is foreseeable due to graduation.
7.2 Elections must be publicized by the Director of Public Relations, and must be coordinated by the Parliamentarian.
7.3 In the event of a vacancy by reason of resignation, graduation, or impeachment, the President will appoint a temporary member to fill-in until the next election can be held. This appointment is subject to a two-thirds majority vote by the Executive Board.
7.4 Elections will take place only for Executive Board positions in the ISO.
7.5 Candidates for the Executive Board must be current members of the ISO as established by Article V of these bylaws. The Executive Board is limited to students, and may not include faculty or administration.
7.6 Elected members of the Executive Board will take office on the first day of Week 1 in the following term.
7.7 In the event of a special election, the elected member will take office immediately if the position is vacant for any reason.
7.8 Any student that would like to run for any Executive Board position must be nominated by another ISO member other than themselves.
7.9 Voting and candidates will be announced at least one meeting prior to the election meeting.
7.10 Voting for elections will be by ballot, and will be counted by the President, Vice-President, Parliamentarian, a faculty advisor, and one non-running member of the ISO.

Article VIII – Finances

8.1 The ISO will receive funding from the Student Bar Association in accordance with the SBA Bylaws.
8.2 The ISO may receive funding from private and public donors, including by faculty, administration, and members.
8.3 The ISO reserves the right to collect dues from its members.
8.4 No member of the ISO may receive pay or compensation for the work conducted on behalf of the ISO.
8.5 Members may not accept money prizes or money awards achieved through competition in an ISO sponsored intramural event.
8.6 All trophies, plaques, or other championship memorabilia achieved in an ISO sponsored event are property of the ISO, and must be turned over as such.
8.7 All ISO finances will be publicized to ISO members at the first meeting of each term.

Article IX – Sporting Events

9.1 All ISO members are eligible to compete in any intramural sporting event that the ISO sponsors.
9.2 All ISO members must sign a waiver and release provided by Oakland University, as well as any waiver and release provided by the ISO or Thomas M. Cooley Law School.
9.3 Sporting events will be published through email to all members of the ISO.
9.4 Any event that ISO members wish to participate in that is not currently sponsored by the ISO must be brought to the ISO attention as soon as possible. These events will be put to a vote by the ISO Executive Board only, and the sponsorship is determinative pending the outcome of the ISO Executive Board vote by majority.
9.5 The ISO will sponsor the intramural teams in which they see fit, including uniforms, fees, or any other matter that may arise. The Executive Board members will vote on sponsorship items including uniforms, fees, etc, which will pass with a majority vote of the Executive Board.
9.6 The ISO sponsoring of any team or event will be solely for a single event, and does not guarantee future sponsorship.
9.7 The ISO reserves the right to refuse membership to any Cooley-Auburn Hills student that is already a current member of the Oakland University Student Recreation Center.
9.8 The ISO sports sponsored will consist of, but not limited to, softball, basketball, soccer, flag football, dodgeball, volleyball, and floor hockey.

Article X – Faculty Advisors

10.1 The ISO will always have 2 faculty advisors, one male and one female.
10.2 The faculty advisors will over see all aspects of the ISO, and can override any decision made by the ISO with the consent of both faculty advisors.
10.3 The faculty advisors will be notified of any change or potential change in agreement with the educational partner, Oakland University.
10.4 The faculty advisor will be consulted regarding all liability and Honor Code matters that may arise.
10.5 The faculty advisor will be responsible for communicating with all faculty and administration regarding the ISO.
10.6 The faculty advisor will work solely with the ISO President and Vice-President.