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About Us:

The International Law Society of Ann Arbor aims to provide its members with a chance to explore the many aspects of International Law - whether it be through our speaker events, group discussions, or networking through the available resources in our community. We also save time for recreational international activities, such as: new and foreign dining experiences, a night out at the movies, as well as volunteering our services to the various Ann Arbor Charities. 

If the field of International Law is a potential interest of yours, please contact anyone of our Executive Board members or attend a General Body Meeting!

Upcoming Events: 

"International Costume Mixer" 

Join ILS Friday, November 2nd at 223 Sunset Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103!

Festivities begin at 7:30!

Food will be provided! Please RSVP to or!

Make sure to assemble the perfect cultural ensemble keeping in mind respect for other cultures. Be ready to explain which international country or culture your costume represents and why you chose it! Prizes will be awarded for best costume, most creative costume, and best group!

Questions: Please contact Loomy Danso, or


         Executive Board

Loomy Danso

Vice President: 
Pavol Fabian

Lana Fazio

Melissa Wolin

Director of Public Relations:
Amanda Sidari                                                                                                  

Pictured Members (left to right): Allen Ayoub, Jinan Hamood, Michelle Murtha, Lana Fazio, Mark Sorsanavongsa, Snneha Nerang, Deirdre Madden, Anna Encinias.

Not Pictured: Mike Collavino, Anna Encinias, Jinan Hamood, Frank Lamonica, Deirdre Madden, Michelle Murtha, Snneha Nerang, Mark Sorsanavongsa
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