The mission of Help Save the Next Girl - WMU Cooley Law School Chapter is to bring awareness to the real and present danger of human trafficking as well as domestic violence.

Our goal at Help Save the Next Girl - WMU Cooley Law School Chapter is to launch an active awareness campaign regarding the real and present dangers of human trafficking and domestic violence to the Tampa Bay community. We want to provide information on: how to identify victims of human trafficking; who to notify if trafficking is suspected; how to prevent trafficking; how to assist survivors of human trafficking; how to help prevent domestic violence, protect victims, offer support and promote change in the victims' lives; and get involved with volunteer opportunities in the community. We are also committed to the rapid dissemination of information regarding missing persons and violence prevention. Through community outreach and education, we hope to bring an end to these very real problems in our local communities, and "help save the next girl" from becoming a victim, as well as help those who have survived human trafficking and domestic violence. 

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