3.1 Reasons to be part of HOLA


  • HOLA hosts numerous informal events with local attorneys, providing ample networking opportunities!
  • VIP access to HOLA’s database of local attorneys, which can connect you with resources to help you complete internships and externships based on your needs and wants.
  • Meet new people! 


  • HOLA can assist you in finding a 3L mentor if you’d like guidance or if you just need someone to talk to about dealing with law school. They have the knowledge on tips to succeed in law school. 



***WE WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL! We have resources to help you write your resume!***

  • Did you know potential employers evaluate your resume by looking at more than your GPA?
  • Being involved in extracurricular activities shows employers you’re able to balance tasks, which is a skill you’ll need in practice.
  • HOLA participates in Cooley Communicates which helps our local legal community by providing translation services! All languages needed and welcome! 

3.1: Because…

  • We have fun, get things done, and we are always evolving to make it better for you- our members!



OUR MISSION is to improve lives through connection and communication with the legal community. Through networking events and community outreach programs, HOLA is designed to help students succeed in law school and throughout their career.


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Interested in Joining? Email us: hola-tb@cooley.edu

No Fee for Active Members.

(Most likely less than your lunch today)


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