(Updated:  June 23, 2008)
I.    Name
        The name of this organization is the Hispanic/Latino Law Society (“HLLS”).

II.   Purpose
        The purpose of the HLLS is:
        a.  To assist every HLLS member graduate from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.
        b.  To provide financial opportunities to HLLS members during their study at Thomas M.
             Cooley Law School.
        c.  To provide HLLS members with law school study aids utilizing an internal outline bank.
        d.  To provide HLLS members with end of term tutorials.
        e.  To provide for the creation of a book exchange.
        f.  To provide HLLS members with opportunities in community projects that will benefit both
            HLLS and the Lansing community.
        g.  To provide each HLLS member with the opportunity to visit other Hispanic groups across
             the state or country.
        h.  To provide each member with an opportunity to develop leadership skills and professional
             development during their legal studies at Thomas M. Cooley Law School.
        i.  To be the largest organization at Cooley.
I.  Office:  The principal office and mailing address:
Hispanic/Latino Law Society
Student Bar Association
300 South Capital Avenue
P.O. Box 13038
Lansing, Michigan 48901
I.  Members
        Membership to HLLS is open to students, faculty, and alumni of the Thomas M. Cooley Law
        School, and in full compliance with Cooley’s non-discrimination policy.
        Thomas M. Cooley Law School student’s become members upon paying a yearly or a term fee.
II.  Voting
        Each paid member has one (1) vote. Voting must be done in two ways: in person or (2) via
        email, so long as the email is received at HLLS@COOLEY.EDU by 11:59 p.m. the night
        before the election. An election will carry upon simple majority.
III.  Dues
        Each member is required to pay dues in the amount of $20 dollars per regular term at Thomas
        M. Cooley Law School or twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for an entire year.
        a.  Any student member who has failed to pay dues may not participate in any of the activities
             of the HLLS, which are exclusive to members only.
        b.  Waivers of the membership dues must be of last resort and only by a majority vote (51%)
             of members present after establishing quorum.
I.    Regular Meetings
        There may be held, one (1) meeting every other Thursday, or as designated by the officers of
        the HLLS. Each meeting must not exceed forty-five (45) minutes. At no time will a regular
        HLLS meeting exceed forty-five (45) minutes unless justice so requires. HLLS Parliamentarian
        will be in charge of enforcing this rule. Each meeting must be presented in the following order
        or as the e-board decides is best to update members of organization activities.
        a.  President’s comments.
        b.  Vice President’s comments.
        c.  Comments from the Treasurer (once a month).
        d.  Comments from the Secretary (once a month).
        e.  Comments from the Advisor.
II.    Executive Meetings
        Meetings for the HLLS executive board will be held on the week after the regular HLLS
        meeting. No executive meeting should exceed sixty (60) minutes unless justice so requires.
        Executive meetings must be open to all members during the first half of the hour. Thereafter, it
        may be a “closed session meeting.” HLLS Parliamentarian will be in charge of enforcing this
III.    Notice of Meetings
        Notice of each meeting may be delivered to each HLLS member by email at least 48 hours
        before the meeting or posting the notice on the public bulletin boards at the Thomas M. Cooley
        Law School.
IV.    Quorum
        Quorum must consist of one-third (1/3) of all official members (paid dues) of HLS.
V.    Rules of Order
        Each meeting may be conducted pursuant to the Roberts Rules of Order. In case of conflict
        with the HLLS By-Laws and the Roberts Rules of Order, the HLLS By-Laws control.
I.    Officers
        The officers of the HLLS may be President, Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, Marshall,
        and a Historian/Parliamentarian.
II.    Election, Qualification. and Term of Office
        The officers of the HLLS must be student members of the HLLS and elected annually by the
        members during the Hilary Term of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Vacancies may be
        filled at any meeting of the members. Each elected member must remain in office for three
        terms.  Only students who have completed their first term may apply.
III.    Duties of the President
        The President may have enumerated and implied powers. Enumerated powers are:
        a.  Commence all meetings.
        b.  Prepare the annual budget in conjunction with the Treasurer.
        c.  Assign committees and committee chairs as necessary.
        d.  Email all members about the upcoming HLLS meeting, if the secretary is unable.
        e.  Invite guest speakers to the regular meetings of the HLLS.
        f.  Create a calendar of events for HLLS members.
        g.  Organize the executive board meeting the week alternative HLLS meetings or on a
            schedule that works for all e-board members.
        h. Propose an agenda for regular meetings.
IV.    Duties of the Vice President
        The Vice President duties are as follows:
        a.  Preside over all meetings in the absence of the president.
        b.  May organize the annual trip to the HNBA convention or convention of the members’
            i.  Members will be selected to attend according to seniority based on graduation date.
        c.  May organize the meals for the meetings.
        d.  Arrange the End of Term Party, if time permits.
        e.  Create an HLLS member directory.
V.    Duties of the Secretary
        The Secretary duties are as follows:
        a.  Take attendance of all members present or absent in all meetings.
        b.  Organize the HLLS directory, which includes relevant information about members i.e. birth
            dates, telephone numbers, etc.
        c.  Create and maintain minutes of each meeting.
        d.  Keep a copy of the minutes in the file cabinet located in the Student Bar Association
VI.    Duties of the Treasurer
        The Treasurer duties are as follows:
        a.  Maintain the HLLS checking account by depositing all income from whatever source
            derived—excluding reimbursements—into the HLLS treasury.
        b.  The ledger must be open to any member of the HLLS or any officer of the Student Bar
        c.  If the HLLS personal checking account is closed, then a new checking account should be
            opened as soon as possible.
        d.  Collect the dues of each member.
        e.  Maintain a list of each member paying their dues.
        f.  Upon receiving membership fees, must issue the paid member a receipt.
        g.  Report to the members all income and expenditures of the HLLS on a monthly basis.
        h.  Attend all required budget hearings of the Student Bar Association.
        i.  Book the room for the meetings.
        j.  Ensure that the food served at each meeting is bought and paid for.
        k.  Purchase any and all items necessary for HLLS.
        l.  Ensure that the items being bought i.e. supplies, food, etc., are within the budget.
        m.  Provide the President with a report of the transactions that occur in both SBA and HLLS
            account on a monthly basis.
VII.    Duties of the Marshall
        The Marshall duties are as follows:
        a.  Order and pick up food for designated meetings.
        b.  Keep track of members that attend the HLLS events for end-of-the term book scholarship.
        c.  Assist the President / Vice President in conducting meetings.
VIII.    Duties of the Historian / Parliamentarian
        The Historian/ Parliamentarian’s duties are as follows:
        a.  Ensure that no HLLS meeting be over 45 minutes long unless justice so requires.
        b.  Maintain order of the HLLS and executive board meeting.
        c.  Ensure that each member has an opportunity to be heard.
        d.  Learn the Robert Rules of Order.
        e.  Ensure that the website has the appropriate forms and information.
        f.  Begin and end HLLS meeting.
        g.  Participate in SBA-required events.

IX.    Vacancy
        In the event of premature vacancy of an executive position, that position is to be filled as
        a.  If the President vacates, the Vice President will assume all Presidential duties until a new
            President is elected.
        b.  If the Vice President vacates, the Marshall will assume all Vice Presidential duties until a
            new Vice President is elected.
        c.  If the Historian/Parliamentarian vacates, the Treasurer will assume all of the
            Parliamentarian’s duties until a new Parliamentarian is elected.
        d.  If the Treasurer vacates, the President will assume all of the Treasurer’s duties until a new
            Treasurer is elected.
        e.  If the Secretary vacates, the Parliamentarian will assume all Secretarial duties until a new
            Secretary is elected.
        f.  If the Marshall vacates, the Executive Board will appoint a current willing active member
            to assume all of the Marshall’s duties until a new Marshall is elected.

        The person filing the vacancy shall remain in that position until the next available election
I.    Limit of indebtedness
        The HLLS must not incur any indebtedness in excess of the money in the account of HLLS.
        The President and the Treasurer may be the only members who expend or authorize the
        expenditure of HLLS funds.
II.    Reversion upon dissolution
        Should the Hispanic/Latino Law Society dissolve, its assets and property will revert to the
        Thomas M. Cooley Law School Student Bar Association, a nonprofit organization.
III.    Annual Report
        The officers of the HLLS may, at the first meeting of each term, submit an annual report of the
        financial condition of the HLLS.
IV.    Scholarship / Book Award Funding
        HLLS officers may create an HLLS Book Award of no more than $200 that may be given each
        term to an HLLS member in good standing that has applied to participate in the program or is
        nominated by another member. This amount must go specifically to the purchase of textbooks
        only and for no other purpose. HLLS officers will have the sole discretion in determining
        eligibility and division of the award so as to benefit the greatest number of members.
        Applications may be given at least 30 days in advance. Winners of the Awards will be notified
        at the end of the term.
I.    Bank
        The HLLS must maintain a depository of all law school materials.
II.    Time
        These materials must be loaned free of charge to each HLLS member for a period not to
        exceed two weeks or at the discretion of the Vice-President.
III.    Request
        All requests must be made to the Vice President of HLLS by email or at a meeting.
IV.    Return of materials
        All materials on loan from the HLLS library must be returned in the same condition and on
        time. Failure to comply will result in $.25 daily fine and cancellation of membership benefits
        for the HLLS library until return of materials.
V.    Lost or misplaced items
        Items lost, while under the care of an HLLS member will result in the imposition of the
        following fines: $5 for a personal outline; $20 charge for a supplement; or $50 for a textbook.
I.    Amendments to the By-Laws
        These By-Laws may be modified, altered or amended by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the
        members of the HLLS at any regular meeting of the HLLS.
I.    Expulsion of officers
        If any officer is absent for 3 or more regular meetings per term—excluding the executive board
        meetings--it will be the duty of any member to call a vote and expel said officer from the
        organization. Any vacancies will be filled immediately by the Society at its next regular
I.    In the event that the organization should dissolve or cease to exist.  All assets, real and
      personal property will revert to the Thomas Cooley Chapter of the Student Bar
      Association. (another non profit organization)