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Student Event Policy

Room Reservations:

To reserve a room for a meeting, event, or speaker, contact CJ Kruska at kruskac@cooley.edu.  If food or a setup of tables will be needed, contact Cheryl Scott at scottch@cooley.edu.

Designate a person from your organization who will serve as the liaison with Cooley administration and will make sure leftover food, plates, cups, etc., are disposed of after your event.  Please provide the following information (or form at bottom of page for ease of use):

  • Date and time (include start time and length)
  • Estimated number of attendees
  •  If your organization is providing food, what type of food and which caterer from Cooley’s approved list?
  • Are audio visual capabilities needed?  For example, will the speaker use Powerpoint?  This may affect which room the presenter can use.
There are two rooms on campus that can be used for events with food:  Room 513 and Room 529. 

Room 513 is pre-set with 6 round tables seating 5 people at each, a table for food and beverages, a sink and counter space, a podium for a speaker, a screen, and a whiteboard.   There is currently no AV equipment in Room 513, but we hope to be able to install a computer and screen in the future.

Room 529 is our large events room.  If you want to use 529, you must let CJ or Cheryl know how many tables and chairs you would like and what kind of AV equipment is needed if any.  Normal setup in the room includes 8 round tables with 8 chairs at each, 2 tables for food, a podium with microphone, and a  portable media cart that includes a computer, visualizer, projector, DVD player, and VCR.  Directions for use of the equipment are located on the cart.  The media cart may be moved to Room 513 if it is not needed in Room 529.

Food and Catering: 

Student organizations hosting events with food must contact Cheryl Scott or, in her absence, CJ Kruska, for pre-approval.  If the event is catered, one of the school’s approved caterers must be used.  Cheryl will work with student organizations on menus of your choice, call in the orders to the caterer, and receive the catering bills.  When she receives your catering bill, she will contact the student organization to let students know to pick up the invoice from her office.  Once your student organization has issued a check, it should be delivered to Cheryl who will either mail or hand-deliver payment to the caterer.  

There are two approved caterers for the Grand Rapids campus:  Bobby J’s (for lunches, dinners, receptions, 616.459.8149) and Jimmy John’s (for sandwiches or box lunches, 616.235.4500).  Menus for the two caterers can be viewed at, respectively:  

Student organizations ordering pizza may order from the vendor of their choice, and may bring in their own pop.  Student organizations hosting breakfast meetings/events may bring in their own rolls or donuts and juice, or may order from an approved caterer.

Please note that Cooley does not supply cups, plates, napkins, flatware, trays, tablecloths, or containers/ wrap for leftovers for student events.   These items should be purchased by the organization or ordered from the caterer.

When catering events, the organization’s event coordinator should let the Cooley front desk personnel on duty know in advance what time the caterer will arrive and to what room the caterer should deliver the food (513 or 529). 

Event Publicity and Promotion:

Organizations may advertise programs, events, or meetings via the TWEN page, student portal, GR e-newsletter, the Pillar, PowerPoint slides posted on the weekly marquee slide show, or flyers posted on bulletin boards.

Newsletter:  Every Friday, the GR Campus prepares an e-newsletter that is posted to the portal and to the faculty/staff shared drive.  This contains critical information about Grand Rapids events for the following week as well as announcements and news.   Submissions for the e-newsletter must be made by Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. for inclusion in that Friday’s newsletter.  Student organizations that would like their events publicized in the e-newsletter should submit the following information to CJ: 

  • Date and time (include length of the event)
  • Location of the event
  • A description of the event
  • Who is invited/who is targeted
  • Cost, if any
  • Food, if any

Portal Calendar

Student organizations are encouraged to list their meetings, programs, and events on the portal calendar.  To do so, click on “Add event” near the calendar on the portal home page.  Then fill in the blanks with information about the event or meeting.  Be sure to include all information (date, time, place, speaker, refreshments, etc.) as incomplete entries will not be posted. 


Flyers may be posted on the GR campus with approval per the school’s advertising policy.  See Advertising Procedures.


If your student organization has an event it would like to advertise in the front lobby of the school and your organization has the funds to pay for a poster, you should create an electronic version of a flyer promoting the event (preferably including graphics or photos), and  submit the electronic copy to Kinko’s or another copy shop to print on foam board that is no smaller than 20 x 30 inches.   The finished poster should be submitted to CJ or Cheryl Scott to set up in the lobby using an easel.  If the organization would like the poster saved, it must be collected at the end of the event.

Cooley's Communications Office may assist with the design of a poster for large campus events with special significance that are open to the public.  The Communications Office needs at least six weeks lead time to prepare the artwork.   If the student org. decides to ask the Communications Office for assistance, the request should be presented to CJ, and she will work with the Communications Office on your behalf. 

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