About Us

What does the SBA do?

Getting involved with the Student Bar Association is a great opportunity to get involved and meet other law students who help to form the backbone of Thomas Cooley Law School.
  • We approve the formation of and manage financing for student organizations.
  • We run the SBA Library where we sell outlines and check out supplemental books for various classes.
  • We plan and organize student events and functions: including the Welcome Back Party, Lunch with a Professor, and Student-Faculty Forums.
  • We listen to student concerns and needs, and work with the administration to try to address their issues.
  • We meet approximately every 2-3 weeks to approve financing for projects and discuss campus issues.
  • We are involved with pro-bono service projects and other types of public service.

What you should do upon joining:

  • Attending SBA Board meetings approximately once every two to three weeks.
  • Serve on a committee and attend scheduled committee meetings or work through email and other correspondence (varies by committee).
  • Abide by the SBA bylaws and the Cooley Honor Code.
  • Maintain good academic standing.
  • Work toward improving Cooley for all current and future students.
  • Stay apprised of upcoming SBA and other organizational events through this webpage, campus announcements, and the Facebook page.

Mary Anne Simmering

Parlamentarian: Responsible for maintaining the bylaws and enforcing consequences of their violation. The Parliamentarian also serves as the Chairperson of the Mentorship Committee, which provides student mentors to all incoming students who request one