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Join us this term for an exciting collection of speakers and events! 

The Federalist Society: No Fluff, Just the Law.

Past events

26 Mar 2012    Corporate Liability for International Actions - What Will the Supreme Court Decide?
20 Mar 2012    Facially Religious Government Speech: Sectarian Legislative Prayer
02 Feb 2012    When the Law Doesn't Mean What It Says - Professor Steve Dulan
02 Nov 2011    Professor Earl Maltz - Is Same-Sex Marriage Constitutional?
21 Oct 2011    Professor Patrick Garry - When Does the Government Establish a Religion?
11 Oct 2011    Professor Lee Strang - Is ObamaCare Constitutional?
08 Jul 2011    Professor William Wagner - Worldviews Collide for Families and Their Children - A Scary Story about Federalism, the Supreme Court, and an International Treaty
15 Jun 2011    Professor James Carey - What is the Federal Reserve, and Why Does It Matter?
01 Jun 2011    Professor Devin Schindler - Free Speech and Funeral Protests: Snyder v. Phelps
04 Feb 2011    Second Amendment Symposium
26 Jan 2011    Professor Carey - The Second Amendment in the Wake of the Arizona Shooting
17 Nov 2010    Elections for 2011 Officers & Final Meeting of Term: Everyone Welcome to Attend
27 Oct 2010    Marijuana Legislation
04 Nov 2009    How Originalism Deals with the Problem of Changed Social Circumstances
13 Oct 2009    U.S. Attorney Fran Sempa: "Federal Prosecution of Internet Child Sexual Exploitation Offenses and the Constitutional Concerns that Follow"
08 Jul 2009    Final General Body Meeting: Interim Elections To Be Held
01 Jul 2009    Professor Schindler (Thomas M. Cooley Law School), "A Discussion on President Obama's Recent Guantanamo Bay Decision."
24 Jun 2009    Professor Teresa Collett (St. Thomas Law School), "Religious Liberty Implications of Same-sex Unions."
17 Jun 2009    Professor Earl Martz (Rutgers-Camden Law School), "4 Concepts of Gay Rights."
15 Jun 2009    1st General Body Meeting
25 Mar 2009    3rd and Final General Body Meeting For The Term
18 Mar 2009    3rd And Final Speaking Event Of Term: U.S. Attorney Fran Sempa, "Presidential War Powers Throughout History."
11 Mar 2009    2nd Speaking Event Of Term: Attorney Manual Miranda, “The Obama Presidency and the Fight for the Courts."
25 Feb 2009    2nd General Body Meeting
04 Nov 2008    Fourth (and Final) General Body Meeting of the Term
30 Oct 2008    To Heller and Beyond
21 Oct 2008    Third General Body Meeting
15 Oct 2008    The Issues of the 2008 Presidential Election
08 Oct 2008    Mass Torts; Trends, Tactics, and Handling Complex Claims
07 Oct 2008    Second General Body Meeting
24 Sep 2008    Law Review Symposium
23 Sep 2008    First General Body Meeting
15 Sep 2008    Student Organization Fair
09 Jul 2008    Fourth (and Final) General Body Meeting
01 Jul 2008    The Process of Hiring and Firing US Attorneys
25 Jun 2008    Third General Body Meeting
24 Jun 2008    Discussion of Recent Supreme Court Decisions
18 Jun 2008    Race and the Decline of Crime in the 1990's
11 Jun 2008    Second General Body Meeting
05 Jun 2008    How Federalist Principles Have Improved Michigan Jurisprudence
28 May 2008    First General Body Meeting
13 Mar 2008    Constitutionality of Firearms in Schools Debate
10 Mar 2008    Constitutionality of Gay Rights Debate