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Auburn Hills Events

"The Reality of Career in Environmental Law" 
  • As our first big event we had a great turn out of students and professionals. We learned what types of careers are in environmental law and how to pursue a career in environmental law. We will hold more event like this so keep an eye out.  
Flint Water Crisis Bake Sale 
  • We raised $250 to help the people in flint.
  • The money was donated to the United Way.

Invasive Plant Pull with the Oakland County Parks 
  • We pulled garlic mustard at Waterford Oaks Park. 
  • We made the Oakland County Parks Newspaper. 

Upcoming Events: 
  • Fall Planning Meeting Friday July 22nd at noon in room 289. 
  • Park Clean up day! Details TBD. 
  • OCBA Sustainability seminar September 22nd. 
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