Membership Benefits

As a Student:

1. Membership in the international professional fraternity with alumni and student members in all 50 states and many foreign countries.

2. Opportunity to write for and/or participate in editing our own authoritatively recognized law review, The Adelphia Law Journal.

3. Initiation through a solemn ceremony during which each new member takes the oaths of membership similar to the oaths taken by more than 125,000 law students in the last 100 years.

4. Recognition pin, membership certificate, and subscription to The Paper Book, our magazine.

5. Social and professional programs sponsored by the Percy J. Power Senate.

6. Life-long friendships & professional contacts developed through senate activities.

7. Alumni contacts through networking opportunities, & possible placement assistance

After Graduation:

1. Opportunity to associate with our alumni through alumni Senates.

2. The opportunity for business referrals and related information and assistance.

3. Possible placement assistance

4. Opportunity to continue writing for the The Adelphia Law Journal.

5. Eligibility to participate in Delta Theta Phi - sponsored plans, including credit card, auto & long-term care insurance, rental cars, and a number of other professional & personal discount programs.

6. Upon payment of nominal alumni dues, an annual subscription to The Paper Book and inclusion in special member benefit offers.

Power Senate Exclusives:

1. Access to our members only Outline and Bluebook Bank.

2. Free admission to public events and ability to attend member exclusive events.

3. Eligibility for scholarships and other awards.

4. Eligibility to edit the Adelphia Law Journal volume assigned to the Power Senate.

5. Voting privileges and the ability to hold office and serve on committees.




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