John W. Hanks Award

The John W. Hanks Award represents the highest honor that the Percy J. Power Senate can bestow upon any Delta Theta Phi member.  The award is to be given only to the most loyal and dedicated members who have served Delta Theta Phi Fraternity. 

The award is named after the former Vice-Dean who set the standard of excellence that all members should strive to achieve.

Michaelmas 2009 -- John Hanks

Hilary 2010 -- Thomas Britner

 Trinity 2010 -- Deanna Liptak

Michaelmas 2010 -- Nathan Austrian & Kristin Baes

Hilary 2011 -- Christopher Higgins & Jose Torres

Trinity 2011--Nicole Fortino

Hilary 2012- Kayla Byrd and Thomas Riley

Trinity 2012- David Shelvey