Adelphia Law Journal

A Delta Theta Phi Exclusive Opportunity

Every year, the National Editorial Board of The Adelphia chooses a Senate from applicants to undertake the challenge of editing and publishing that years' issue of the journal. Once chosen, the Senate is committed to extensive editorial review, proof reading, and cite-checking of all submissions. The 19th edition made a call for editors in April 2013 and the Power Senate submitted its candidacy to serve as Senate Editors.

Application and acceptance to the law review or journal through law school has very high minimum requirements and is very selective with limited space. However, EVERY member of Delta Theta Phi, student or alum, is eligible to submit material for possible publication in The Adelphia!

 In addition to publication in the review, each member earning a spot in The Adelphia is provided professionally printed copies of his/her article for presentation to prospective employers.

On September 26, 2013, Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity celebrated its 100-year anniversary with a celebration in Chicago, IL - the birthplace of the Fraternity. The Power Senate was given the honor of edition The Adelphia Law Journal at this time.