Draconian changes to Post-911 GI BILL, Dec 2010

The House and Senate have passed, and the President has signed monumental changes to the Post-911 GI BILL that specifically effects those of us who attend expensive private schools such as Cooley.

See the VA Webpage yourself at:  http://www.gibill.va.gov/post-911/post-911-gi-bill-summary/Post911_changes.html

The biggest changes are, effective 1 Aug 11, the maximum yearly tuition and fees that the Post-911 GI Bill will cover is $17,500.  Currently enrolled students are NOT grandfathered and will face the new, much, much lower benefits of the new law.

1 June 2011 UPDATE:  Cooley has announced that they will participate in the Yellow Ribbon program up to $1000 per year per student.