Welcome to the Cooley Veterans' Corps Grand Rapids website!
There are now three Veterans' organizations across the Cooley campus.  The Cooley Veterans at Grand Rapids, the Veterans' organization at Auburn Hills, and the Military Veterans at Lansing.  Lansing has restarted their veterans organization and their website is:  http://militaryveretans.tmc.cooley.edu/
Our goal is to serve Cooley students who are Veterans, those currently on active/reserve/guard duty, dependents of military members, and those interested in the military in general, or as a future career.
We aim to be a focal point for those Veterans who are interested in attending Cooley Law School, and those who currently attend the school.
Our goal is to further Veteran recruitment, retention, community outreach, mentorship, externship, and job placement for our members.
To contact any Veterans' organization , email them at the address below:
Lansing: See their website for contact information.
If you wish to be a member of either campus Veterans Corps, please email today!
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