Committees and Chairs

Academic Committee
The Academic Committee assists BLSA-AH members in excelling academically by conducting an academic program each term for students.   Programs have featured test taking strategies and techniques offered by TMCLS and BLSA alumni.

Academic Chair:

Community Service Committee

The Community Affairs committee maintains community relations between BLSA-AH, and TMCLS and local organizations, by conducting a public service project each term.  

Community Service Chair:  

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee plans activities to raise money for the organization's general operating expenses and special programs by executing an event each term. 

Fundraising Chair: 

Balancing the Scales Committee

The Balancing the Scales Committee plans an annual fundraising event to raise money for the Balancing the Scales Scholarship Fund. 

BTS Chair: 

Social Committee 

The Social Committee organizes a social event every term as an opportunity for members and advisors to get to know each other outside of a classroom setting. 

Social Chair:

Black History Month Committee

The Black History Month Committee coordinates activities during the month to encourage community involvement and highlight emerging topics in the community. 

BHM Chair: