Balancing the Scales Scholarship

The Black Law Students Association of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School’s Auburn Hills campus seeks to establish an endowed scholarship fund, called the Balancing the Scales Scholarship Fund, to be awarded periodically to qualified and deserving students at Cooley Law School who are members of BLSA–AH. 

Cooley and BLSA-AH intend to raise at a minimum the sum of $25,000 to form the principal amount of the endowment fund.  Donations toward the fund will be kept, invested, and managed by Thomas M. Cooley Law School in its customary way for endowment funds.  Thomas M. Cooley Law School is a non-profit, Michigan education corporation that is exempt from federal taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Accordingly, donations to the fund may be deducted from income tax as provided by law. 

Scholarship awards will be paid from the earnings on the endowment principal plus from any other expendable funds obtained.  The endowment fund will be perpetual and will be permitted to receive donations from any source in the future.

The award will be paid to a Cooley Law School student who is a BLSA-AH member based upon the combination of demonstrated commitment to BLSA-AH and to Cooley, financial need, and academic achievement.  The award recipient will be selected by the Dean of the Law School upon the recommendation of a committee consisting of BLSA-AH members and Cooley faculty members. Membership in BLSA-AH will be a prerequisite for consideration for the award, but all Cooley students, especially regardless of color or home campus designation, are eligible for membership in BLSA-AH.