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President's Comments

Thank you for visiting our webpage! I am so honored to be the Black Law Students Association President at the Ann Arbor campus for 2011-2012. BLSA has been an important organization to me from the moment I stepped on campus.

I am glad to be apart of an organization that not only fosters great friendships amongst students, but also encourages academic growth, social prosperity and opportunities to network with legal professionals. As President this year, my goals include:
Boosting Membership - where would a great organization be without its members? BLSA was the first chartered organization on our campus, and we boast a pretty large membership. I hope to retain the members we have, and encourage ALL students to join us.

Legacy - our chapter is only three years old, but we must preserve the legacy of our Midwest Regional Chapter as well as our National Chapter of the Black Law Students Association. I am hoping to capture more moments by having more press involvement, articles published in our school papers, and photo-sharing through media such as our website and Facebook.

Sponsorship - our campus has several active organizations, and we could not fulfill our mission as leaders if we did not work with different groups. I also would like to sponsor events with our Black Law Students Associations and other organizations that help fulfill our purpose.

Achievement - in accordance with our by-laws, our executive board must be in good academic standing and that is not something we take lightly. I want to encourage members to strike a healthy balance between social and academics, but know that our primary purpose is to succeed in our studies so that we can have as many doors open to our future as lawyers.

In closing, I encourage you to stay tuned. I am excited about this year. Thank you for taking the time to read my comments!

Shakiva Wade Class of 2013