AH-SBA Senate

The Senate shall consist of:

A. Three Senators from each House.  One Senator who has earned between 0-29 credits; one                     Senator who has earned between 30-50 credits; and one Senator who has earned 60 or more                 credits.

B. Each House shall determine its own Senators.

C. Senators will be selected by each house by week 2 of every Michaelmas term and take office                 starting that term. 

A Senator shall:

A. Deliberate fairly and honestly and vote on all issues as required by this document;

B. Act on behalf of the student body;

C. Serve as a liaison to each respective class body regarding any student concerns,                                      resolutions, or comments;

D. Serve, from time to time, as an active member of an AH-SBA Committee and;

E. Approve and recognize other organizations at the school as it deems appropriate;

F. Establish other policy related to for the AH-SBA;

G. Be a voting member of the Senate.