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About the Macomb Project

The Macomb Project is a mentoring program created and designed by the newly established Masters Section of the Macomb County Bar Association under the stewardship of attorney Joseph A. Golden, in partnership with the Auburn Hills campus of Cooley Law School and its Career and Professional Development department. The program, partners Masters Section members in approximately twentytwo
(22) different areas of legal practice with Cooley Auburn Hills students for mentoring related to career choices inside the law, and out. Masters Section mentors, all of whom have practiced at least 30 years,
offer a wealth of experience, to students seeking an understanding of what a specific type of practice, be it civil or criminal, public or private, large firm or sole practitioner, can offer. Students who have yet to decide
on any specific area of practice can gain insights through this collaboration.

For information or to sign-up, please contact Shari Lesnick: lesnicks@cooley.edu

"Career Exploration Forum"

This event was presented by the Student Bar Association and the Career and Professional Development office on September 27th.  If you missed it, you may download the Program Booklet, which includes attorney bios and contact information, below.

Sandy Boisrond,
Oct 8, 2012, 7:12 AM