AH-SBA Committee Chairs


Student Services Committee:
1.   Serve as a liaison to the Career Placement Department and the Office of Ethics and                                 Professionalism, and Administration to address student concerns;
2.   Serve as an AH-SBA delegate on the AH Diversity Committee;
3.   Oversee the Student Organization fair each term and;
4.   Coordinate the end-of-term AH-SBA sponsored Finals Events.

Social Services Committee:
1.    Encourage social, recreational, and cultural activities among students, faculty, and the legal                    community.

Academic Committee:
1.    Update and monitor the academic pages on the AH-SBA Website
2.    Responsible for informing the student body of the AH-SBA Scholarship;
3.    Serve as an AH-SBA delegate on the AH Diversity Committee;
4.    Oversee all matters having to do with curriculum, exams, grading, and instructions.

Community Service Committee:
1.    Organize fundraisers relating to charity events;
2.    Oversee AH-SBA charity events;
3.    Inform the AH-SBA of upcoming charitable events for all students.

Bylaw Committee: 
1.    In the event that there are more than 3 amendments to the bylaws presented at one time, those                amendments should go to the bylaw committee for review and revision.
2.    This is a special committee and will not need to meet regularly, only in the event where there are 3            amendments presented at once.

Want to Help Out On a SBA Committee?
  • The SBA Auburn Hills Committees are looking for motivated students to get involved and help out 
  • You must be able to attend SBA meetings 
  • Your application will be reviewed by the committee chairs 
  • Serious applicants please apply 
  • Click on the link below to download an application or stop by the SBA office for a copy 
Apr 12, 2012, 12:23 PM