Summer  2016

Auburn Hills SBA Trinity 2016 Exciting Scholarship Opportunity!
The newly appointed SBA Academic Chair, Hassan Abdallah, has been working hard to revamp the SBA Scholarship to allow an opportunity for a larger portion of the student body to be eligible to receive this scholarship.

Under the new scholarship requirements, it is the hope of the SBA to accomplish the following: 
  • Increase and encourage the participation in the SBA scholarship competition
  • Incentivize students who previously were not eligible to receive the scholarship, to be rewarded for their extra-curricular work and writing ability as a law student 
  • Drive the student body towards being more involved with SBA activities 
  • Give an equal opportunity to every student to be involved in a campus wide-opportunity 
SBA SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS ARE DUE ON JULY 1ST BY 5PM (prior recipients of the scholarship are not eligible to apply.)

Click below for your application:
*Note: Access to this document can only be done through your cooley.edu email 

Please either email your applications to Hassan Abdallah at abdallahh@cooley.edu or drop them off at the SBA Office in Room 292.

Important Dates
  • July 1st- SBA Scholarship Application due
 SBA Meeting Schedule this term: 
  1. Week 1 on May 4th 2016
  2. Week 3 on May 18th 2016
  3. Week 5 on June 1st 2016
  4. Week 13 on July 27th 2016

Let Your Voice Be Heard!
Attend the AH-SBA General Body Meetings and share your thoughts, concerns, and event ideas. Meetings are on Wednesday in weeks 1, 3, 5, 13 from 12-2pm in room 284.   

Also, join one of the many student organizations which have been chartered by the AH-SBA: http://www.cooley.edu/students/orgs.html.


Add your meeting/event to this list. Click the link below to add your event to the SBA Calendar:


We invite you to attend SBA Meetings and Events throughout each term.


Check out the SBA Bulletin Board next to Room L44

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