Recent Urgent Actions Needed

FEBRUARY 9, 2012

Syria's strongest foreign backer, Russia, is central to stopping the bloodbath that could occur if Syria’s assault Homs continues. Call on Russia to help end the crisis in Syria.
FEBRUARY 8, 2012

Cupid doesn’t discriminate when it comes to love -- neither should leaders! Tell Cameroon’s president to combat homophobia by releasing those imprisoned because of their sexual orientation...

FEBRUARY 6, 2012

Guantanamo detainee Shaker Aamer has been held without charge for nearly 10 years. The US must either charge Aamer with a crime or release him.

FEBRUARY 6, 2012

Maher Arar suffered torture because of the actions of U.S. officials. An apology is long overdue. Urge President Obama and Congress to apologize to Maher Arar and fulfill his right to remedy.