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Celebrate International Human Rights Day on December 10 by taking part in Amnesty International's Write for Rights Global Write-a-thon. By taking action on one or more of the cases outlined below, you will join hundreds of thousands of others around the world in demanding that the rights of these individuals are respected, protected and fulfilled. Stand in solidarity with those suffering human rights abuses, and help us change lives.

Azza Hilal Ahmad Suleiman


Two years after she was brutally beaten by Egyptian soldiers, Azza Hilal Ahmad Suleiman is still seeking justice.

On December 17, 2011, Azza Hilal Ahmad Suleiman was protesting with a friend near Tahrir Square. As they were leaving, Azza and her friend saw a group of soldiers beating a young woman. The soldiers had torn off the woman's clothes, exposing her. When Azza and her friend tried to carry the badly beaten women away, the soldiers knocked Azza to the ground and shot her friend in the knee. They beat Azza until she lost consciousness, then kept beating her. Activists captured Azza's attack on video and posted it online, sparking outrage.

When Azza regained consciousness in the hospital, her skull was fractured. Her bed sheets needed to be changed repeatedly because they were soaked with blood. Azza remembers screaming with pain.

Azza's brother lodged a complaint against the army at a police station directly after the attack and she gave her testimony to the Public Prosecution two months later. The authorities have not held any member of the armed forces accountable and they have not given Azza any compensation, restitution or rehabilitation to aid in her recovery. In April 2013, the Cairo Appeals Court told Azza that investigations are still pending.

Nabi Saleh Village


The 550 people living in Nabi Saleh village face harassment and frequent violent repression from the Israeli army.

Since 2009, villagers have held weekly peaceful protests against Israel's military occupation and the illegal Israeli settlement of Halamish, which has taken over most of their farmland. Despite court orders, the settlers have also turned the village water spring into a tourist attraction, which Nabi Saleh residents are now prevented from using.

The Israeli army responds to the villagers' peaceful protests with excessive or unnecessary force. So far they have killed two people and injured hundreds, including women and children.

The Israeli army also intimidates and harasses the villagers. Their tactics include declaring the entire village a closed military zone, carrying out night raids, arresting children, and arbitrarily using weapons such as tear gas, which is fired at homes.

The utter lack of accountability for Israeli army actions in Nabi Saleh and elsewhere in the West Bank is allowing soldiers to commit violations of international human rights and humanitarian law with impunity.

The above cases are from the Amnesty International Website attached below.


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