Meeting Minutes

  Minutes for Feb. 15:2/15/2011, 1:07 PM  - START

First General Body Mtg.


*Mike Romanelli is out this term.


·       I. A  moment of silence/prayer for the Egyptian people was taken

·       II. The Welcome was done by Shelly.

·       III. Amnesty's Mission Statement was read by myself (Elnora).

·       ***Professor Swedlow (faculty advisor) came in for a brief moment to say a few words and to introduce her Coffee House discussion on March 10, 2011, and extend herself to us.

·       IV. Introductions done by Shelly


o a. Amnesty International Rep. - Liz, member of the Lansing group. Came out to speak on what Amnesty does…spoke about prisoners who Amnesty played a part in assisting by writing letters on their behalf and campaigning.

o She spoke of the international president of Amnesty, Susan Woltz

o She mentioned letters that we can send to other countries and here within the U.S.

o This can be done by going directly to the Amnesty website and locating the country in which you would like to write on their behalf. OR

o The Urgent Action Network fights conditions such as ppl who get thrown in prison for a short time just to scare that prisoner…by beating them, etc….so letters can be written on their behalf to help them.

o Lawyers for Human Rights - Possible externship possibility???

o How often do we hear back from prisoners? - Not often, w/ exception of Israel…they always write back

o Letters are typically written about the mistreatment of prisoners, missing people, etc…every case is different

o Amnesty is very cautious in remaining non-political, non-partisan, in maintaining a good reputation


o b. Faculty Advisor - K. Swedlow…see above


o c. New Officers - Shelly introduced the new officers

·      Leadership Points You get two points for being a member and 3 pts for being an officer.  If you build enough pts, you get an award at graduation

·      Dues are $5 a term, and $15 for the year

·      National Organization - $15/student/per year

·      i. President. V. President, Sec., Treasurer, Communications Officer


o d. Positions needed to be filled are:

·      i. Public Relations Officer and Parliamentarian

·      ii. Sub-Committees -

§       I. Urgent Action Coordinator, Fundraising…


·       V. Membership and recruitment - Michael

·       VI. Planned Events

o a. Movie night, Rm. 911 "Chasing Freedom" March 3, 2011

o b. Coffee House, March 10, Prof. Swedlow will be the speaker on Death Penalty

o c. AIUSA - Conference in Dearborn, Michigan

·      Feb. 26 & 27

·      The cost for the conference is TBD, and there are hotel costs

·       VII. Suggested Ideas for Next Term

o a. Haiti well - heeled drive

·      i. Shoe drive donation from students to give to the Haitian people

·      We want to give shoes that may have been once or a few times, not worn shoes, preferably sneakers

o b. Speed dating

·      Took ideas from the members on possibly doing this in the fall; this could be a possible "Midterm Party" or if in the winter, for Valentines Day.

·      *This will be a lot of work, but can be done

o c. AIDS panel discussion/testing

·      This would be a great idea for amnesty, specifically if we incorporate a legal aspect into it.

·      It's important to also incorporate the human rights aspect of it as well…countries that cannot afford the drugs for the disease, etc….

·      *Also a lot of work, but a really great idea

·      Possible getting the Gay Rights Association (GRA) and the International Law Association.

·      Also the ACLU and the Health Law Society can get involved with this as well.

·      BLSA and the HSLS

o d. Raffle

·      Possibly getting Wal-Mart or other stores to donate items to raffle off to the students

·      Ask the SBA about the rules for requesting

·      1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prize

o e. Global write-a-thon

·      i. Eg. Prisoner of Conscience

§       This entails writing letters for prisoners to help them...

o f. Study groups/exam bank/test taking skills for our first semester students

·      Possibly forming a support group for our students…

·      Some professors do special sessions where they will give review sessions for a small fee - $2-3

·       VIII. Any Other Business

o a. Robert's Rule of Order - link to SBA/internet

·      Parliamentary style, similar to what the SBA uses to assist with our mtgs.

·      *We will try and get the link from the SBA, but this can also be accessed online

·       IX. Adjournment

o 2/15/2011, 1:57 PM - END