ACLU Michigan

American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan
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The mission of the ACLU of Michigan is to enforce the Bill of Rights and advance its principles. Through a variety of public education programs, our legislative program, based in Lansing, and our litigation program, supported almost entirely by volunteer attorneys, the ACLU is the premier civil rights organization in the country. The ACLU has earned widespread respect and love for its consistent defense of constitutionally based principles.

A state-wide Board of Directors governs both the ACLU (501c4) and ACLU Fund (501c3). The Board is comprised of representatives from the nine branches throughout the state whose members are elected on an annual basis. These branches form the heart of the organization, providing us with an important volunteer base, and connection to local civil liberties issues. The Executive Director, Kary Moss, manages and directs the program, finance, litigation, legal, legislative, development, public education projects and long-term planning for the organization.

The national office is located in New York, with affiliates throughout the country. There is also a legislative office located in Washington, D.C.