Member Information

To Become A Member You Must:
  • Be currently enrolled as a student 
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Fill out an application 
  • Pay your dues: $35 per year (3 terms) or $15 per term

A. Students: The ADR Board welcomes students without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, color, creed, religion, handicap, age, or national origin.

B. Associate Members: All students currently enrolled in Thomas M. Cooley Law School and in good academic standing may become an associate member.  Associates assist ADR Board general members and E-Board members.  Associates must attend general membership meetings and assist with ADR Board sponsored activities.

C. General Members: Every student who is currently enrolled in Thomas M. Cooley Law School, in good academic standing and who has completed ADR or has documented ADR experience in a past career may apply and be granted membership by a majority vote of the E-board.  Each General Member shall:

1. Participate in, support the activities of, and perform whatever tasks the E-Board finds necessary for the ADR Intra-School (Negotiation, mediation) competition (ISC) held each term.

2. be available to judge or witness on the ISC

3. Willing to become a limited alternate competitor during the ISC if there are an uneven number of competitors or emergency situations arise during the competition. 

4. Perform one office hour each week of the term as stated in Article VI.

5. Perform a minimum of twelve hours of service per term in an ADR Board sponsored activity.

6. Attend ADR Board General Member meetings.

7. Pay the membership fee as assessed by the majority of E-Board.

8. Must attend the week 11 meeting or be excused by the Chair or Vice Chair. If found unexcused the General Member could be subject to sanctions. Learn More

Order an ADR T-Shirt

It's not too late to order your t-shirts. If you did not get a chance to order your shirts you can still stop by the office anytime during our office hours to pay for your shirts..

Non-Members- $15
Members- $15
3-Term Members- $35 (Paid During Michaelmas 2015)- Shirt price included