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We all share something special: The passion and dedication to the legal profession. Our journey in life is filled with different opportunities that can lead us to great places within our profession, let me introduce you to an amazing opportunity:

The American Bar Association can help you meet the challenges of law school and prepare you for a successful legal career. Join the American Bar Association Law Student Division today to start building your professional network.

Our Mission

1. To represent law students’ viewpoints to the ABA and to represent the ABA and all of its benefits to law students

2. To help shape the policies and priorities that affect legal education

3. To create a forum for the exchange and expression of law student views and a voice to advocate those views

4. To promote diversity and equal opportunity within the profession
Discover the many benefits of belonging to the ABA/LSD

1. Watch your resume rise to the top of the stack through internships, fellowships, clerkships, competitions and volunteer opportunities

2. Discover your passion through free and affordable practice specialty groups with webinars and networking events

3. Get help through school and beyond with the Student Lawyer Magazine, FREE career resources including: an online job board, discounts on study aides, bar review courses, and valuable student focused health insurance

4. Join the network of over 40,000 law students who are leveraging their ABA memberships to lay the groundwork for their professional lives

The American Bar Association is a life time organization that gives us endless opportunities starting now! If you have not signed up as a student member yet, do not wait any longer! Enroll now for the special law student rate of just $25 a year at www.ambar.org/JoinFor1, $60 for three years at www.ambar.org/JoinFor3, or call 800-285-2221.

In case of any questions about the ABA Law Student Division- Tampa Bay, or law school in general, please do not hesitate to contact me. Congratulations and welcome to Thomas M. Cooley Law School!!

Best Regards,

Monica A.Sanchez
American Bar Association/Law Student Division
Tampa Bay Campus