Auburn Hills

Auburn Hills

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As President, I am committed to my organization and also committed to the students of Cooley Law School. I aim to provide information and help to any student who needs it and to act as a liaison between the students, Cooley, and ABA. This goes for my Executive Officers as well. They are a strong team and together, we're here for you.


Steven Braun
Auburn Hills ABA/LSD President

 Welcome to the ABA/LSD
Auburn Hills Campus

The mission and purpose of this organization is to provide leadership in the legal profession, to represent the interests of law students to the Association, and to promote excellence in legal education.

A personal shall become a member of the TMCLS ABA/LSD by payment of national dues to ABA/LSD for the year. Membership fees are:
  • $25 for one year
  • $60 for 3 years (good deal!)

As a member of Cooley's ABA/LSD you get not only the perks of the ABA itself, but also you benefit from being a part of our student organization and an opportunity to get involved at your campus.