Western Michigan University 
Cooley Law School

American Bar Association
Law Student Division

As the Interim President for the WMU Cooley Law School Lansing Chapter of the American Bar Association/Law Student Division, I would like to welcome you to Cooley Law School. 

You have accomplished a lot by being admitted to our law school and you have a challenging, but rewarding experience ahead of you. There will be days when you are thrilled with what you are doing — other days you will wonder what you did to deserve such punishment. Just remember three things: (1) Torts is not the most important thing in your life, (2) no one understands the Rule Against Perpetuities, and (3) you will survive law school. 

Membership in ABA/Law Student Division provides students a window to look outside of school and into the legal profession. The ABA is the largest professional association in the world and as an ABA/ Law Student Division member your benefits will more than cover the cost of your dues. For example, in addition to your subscription to the ABA Journal, you will receive a subscription to Student Lawyer - the best national magazine written for law students. In addition, members will receive discounts on bar review courses, and low‐cost auto, homeowners, renters, health, and life insurance.

Furthermore, membership in the ABA/Law Student Division allows students to join ABA sections, divisions, and forums for free or at discounted law school rates (typically only $5‐$20). These specialties range in subjects from litigation to environmental to international to entertainment and sports law. Students with particular interests, or students wishing to explore a given field, will gain insight into a that area of law through specialized publications and documents within that section. Additionally, Division members may run for school, circuit, and national offices. Also, Division members may seek appointment as student liaisons to committees of attorneys who head the sections and divisions of the ABA.

Membership in the ABA/Law Student Division offers many career and professional development opportunities, including the ability to gain hands‐on legal experience by participating in one or more of the Division’s four competitions. One of the by‐products of the regional and national competitions is the opportunity for students to network with law students from across the country, as well as faculty, practicing attorneys, judges, and recruiters.
The annual membership is FREE for law students! Please take advantage of this opportunity by clicking this link [Click Here] and if you should have any questions about the ABA/Law Student Division, or law school in general, please do not hesitate to contact me. Again, congratulations and welcome to Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School. 


Nakita Haynes
Lansing ABA/LSD President 
WMU Cooley Law School
517.371.5140, Ext. 2187

The Mission
The mission and purpose of 
Western Michigan University 
Thomas M. Cooley Law School ABA/LSD 
is to provide leadership in the legal profession, 
to represent the interests of our law students 
to the Association, and 
to promote excellence in legal education. 

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Enroll today at abaforlawstudents.com

Student Health Insurance!

Law Student Health Insurance information 

is now available.

UnitedHealthcare Student Resources gives you the financial peace of mind knowing that should the unexpected happen, you and your dependants are covered while giving you more benefits for your buck. And providing there is no lapse in your coverage, you can keep your coverage for an additional year after graduation. Learn more about student health insurance at https://www.uhcsr.com/ABA

You must be a paid member of the ABA/LSD to qualify for these insurance rates. 

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