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Upcoming Event: Passive Solar Deep Winter Greenhouse open house!

posted Feb 9, 2017, 9:45 AM by Will Brandenburg

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Passive Solar Deep Winter Greenhouse open house - Saturday, Feb. 18th 1pm-4pm

6771 South Silver Hill Dr, Finland, MN 55603

PLEASE RSVP to so we can contact you with updates or weather related changes!
Contacts for more information: David Abazs 218-220-0194 or Greg Schweser 612-625-9706

The U of M Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships have been working with producers and community groups throughout Minnesota to field test a prototype design of a passive solar greenhouse that enables farmers to produce crops all winter long.
This structure contains a south-facing steeply angled glazing wall specifically designed to capture the maximum amount of solar energy possible. That heat is stored in an underground rock bed in a heavily insulated foundation. At night, that heat dissipates into the ambient air above creating an environment particularly well-suited to grow crops that thrive in low-light and low-heat conditions. This Deep Winter Greenhouse enables small- and mid-scale farmers the opportunity to grow crops for their customers year round.
The Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships have been working with pioneering Deep Winter Greenhouse producers to better understand their systems, strengthen the design elements through research, and conduct outreach to help others learn how to build and produce in these greenhouses. The result is a publicly available prototype design, future research, and production programming.

Support for this project provided by: The UMN Institute on the Enviornment, NMRSDP, Ag Coutnry Farm Credit Services, Agribank, AgStar, United FCS, and Mattson, Macdonald, Young Structural Engineers