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Gunflint Hills Solar

Gunflint Hills Solar was installed during the fall of 2012 with a monitoring system installed in the fall of 2013.

Gunflint Hills Solar average energy production is approximately 750 - 800 kWh per month which is enough electricity to power 2-3 typical homes without electric heat. 

The system has a 7.41 kilowatt, pole-mounted,  grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) system with these components:

  • Thirty-nine 190-watt panels by Silicon Energy

  • MOUNTS multi-pole single axis tracker

  • 3 & 5-kilowatt Power One Aurora Inverters

  • A two directional meter

  • A monitoring system 

May 2016 update: The Gunflint Hills Solar Electric System has produced 33,595 kW-hrs to date. This has saved the City of Grand Marais $4,031 and reduced C02 emissions by 35.3 tons.

The system is "grid tied" meaning the electricity from the solar panels flows into the electrical grid that carries the electricity throughout the county. 

The meter at the Clubhouse can spin two directions depending on panel output and Clubhouse use. Any excess goes into the grid and is credited on the City of Grand Marais' electrical bill from provider Arrowhead Cooperative.  

This project was a partnership between the City of Grand Marais, Cook County, the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation (IRRRB) and CCLEP.

Thank you installers and volunteers: Outback Solar Electric, Brian Bennett, Granite Electric LLC, Jonathan Hedstrom, Dave Bartz, North Shore Sustainable Energy & CCLEP, Don Grant.