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Residential Energy Efficiency Program REEP

Fall is an excellent time to make home improvements!

The CCLEP Residential Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) is a great way to start.

Here, Mike Senty, Cook County's certified home energy auditor, explains the use of an infrared camera to area homeowners who are interested in finding cold and hot spots inside the walls of their home. This is just one kind of data that is collected during a REEP audit that will help home and business owners save energy and energy dollars through energy improvements.

Launched in Fall of 2012, REEP is a publicly funded rebate program, specifically for Cook County home owners, businesses and non-profits.

The program is designed to increase the energy efficiency of homes in Cook County by using home performance energy audits before and after improvement work. Homeowners pay for the audits and improvements, with audit rebates available after completion of selected improvements within 18 months of the initial audit. This program is open to all income levels.

For more information, see the REEP Program Overview flyer.

This video walks you through the REEP process. It shows how a blower door test and infrared camera imaging can work together to let you "see" into your home. This process along with talking with a professional energy auditor helps you decide on improvements that work best for you and your budget.

Funding for the video production was made possible in part with a grant from Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs)

Home Performance Energy Scorecard

Your scorecard is a measurement of how your home performs in terms of energy efficiency.   It is based on your homes insulation, air leakage rates, efficiency of the heating system and occupant lifestyle (thermostat setting).  By taking the amount of energy used to heat your home over an entire year with a weather adjustment, a score is calculated where 0 is Poor and 10 is Excellent.  The amount of CO2 (lbs.) emitted is also calculated.

Interested homeowners can request a form by emailing Once your form is filled out, it is returned to the CCLEP Coordinator who will call you to discuss your situation and schedule the audit.

What's behind the audit:

All buildings respond to the movements of air, heat and moisture, the building blocks of building science. When building, remodeling, or increasing the energy efficiency of a home, these forces must be considered and evaluated. This new video attempts to address these three forces simply. It's a beginning to understand how these forces affect the buildings and the people that live in them.

Funding for the video production was made possible in part with a grant from Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs)

Contractor Workshops

  • CCLEP offers a suggested contractor list to REEP participating homeowners from contractors who have applied to the program and who have attended an Energy Workshop. 
  • This workshop is designed to address energy efficient construction as well as qualify for CEU credits.  
  • The workshop will be listed in News when scheduled or ask to be on our e-mail list.

How Do Audits Work?

A local Energy Auditor visits your home with CCLEP staff to do three things:

1. Set up a blower door to depressurize the house and pull air in from the outside through any cracks and openings in the building.

2. With the house depressurized, we look around with an infrared camera for cooler air entering the house. The blower door fan pulls cooler air inside through the cracks and can be detected with the camera

3. At the same time, a visual inspection is done and issues discussed with the homeowner.

The results are written in a report and given to the homeowner with suggestions and cost estimates for improvement work. A scope of work is provided. 

The homeowner selects and works with a contractor.  CCLEP can provide financial assistance information.

Upon completion of the improvements, a post audit is done to verify savings and during the pilot project, a rebate is given by CCLEP to the homeowner.



CCLEP and Cook County Higher Education (CCHE) partnered to deliver REEP to Cook County during the two year pilot project. CCHE went through the audit process and incorporated the information into an extensive remodel on their North Shore Campus building in Grand Marais. 
Here is their energy story.

Funding for the video production was made possible in part with a grant from Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs)

For more information or to be added to our e-mail list, contact Matthew Engesser at

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