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Energy Efficiency

The cheapest energy is the energy you never use! 

Conserving energy is about

  •  spending less on energy and having more to spend elsewhere.
  •  being mindful of energy use by reducing or eliminating energy consumption when we aren’t actually using it.
  • using it most efficiently so little or none is wasted.
  • taking time to consider our energy impact and choosing to make a change.
  •  lessening our contribution to climate change by reducing our use of fossil fuels.

Projects and Programs

Energy Conscious Building Links

Understanding how the choices you make during a building project effect your future energy use is not easy. Education is key to having private individuals ask for the features in a home that will make it efficient. If home owners keep asking, then builders will have to both understand and promote energy efficiency in order to stay competitive. This section will provide links to sites that can help both home owners and builders become more educated about energy efficient building practices.

Other resources are listed in the Energy Plan Appendices on pages B2 and B3.

Funding Opportunities

The Cook County Local Energy Project will work with grant funding from the Opp Hvidston Foundation to provide an opportunity for two homes or businesses to increase energy efficiency, save renters money on energy bills, make improvements to existing buildings, decrease carbon dioxide emissions and improve the quality of living standards in the East End of Cook County. Program Details: Full funding for two home or business energy audits conducted by a certified home energy auditor ($400.00 value); plus $100.00 to be spent toward energy improvements. Two grants of $500.00 each are available to qualified property owners. Qualifications & Applications: Priority will be given to rental properties east of Grand Marais including Croftville, Colville, Hovland and Grand Portage. Secondary preference will be given to year-round home or business owners. Applications for consideration should include a letter of interest as well as a completed, pre-audit energy scorecard for the property. Please contact Staci at for details. Audit Process: Once approved for funding, CCLEP will work with Mike Senty, a licensed home inspector and energy auditor, to schedule a date and time for an in-person audit. Based on data collected during the audit, each property owner will receive a detailed energy use report, a list of recommended energy improvements, a current list of local contractors, and energy related publications and information about energy efficiency. One the work has been completed according to the requirements outlined by the REEP program, each property owner will receive $100.00 reimbursement toward the completed energy improvements. Timeline: Audits and improvements must be completed prior to December 31, 2018.


Many people already know what they need to do to make their homes and lifestyles more energy efficient. However, sometimes the reality of the situation is that they cannot afford to make the changes that are needed - even if the change will save them more money in the long run. Ideas like replacing windows, adding insulation in the roof, or buying a hybrid car are all good ideas, but also require a significant cash outlay. This section is intended to provide local residents with links to available funding opportunities - grants, loans, and tax incentives. Click here for a list of options for funding energy efficiency project in Cook County.

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