Our "Reading Will Take You Places" reading program started on September 26, 2016.  As students complete a reading log, it is returned to the library to get another.  Our goal is to read 12,000 books by March 31, 2017!  Check this website each week to see how many books we have read so far.

Our reading program is over.  
This year, we read

14,270 books!
Way to go, Carolyn Lewis Elementary students

What we are learning in the library media center

Welcome to our library! The library media center is a very active place with daily classes, students coming in to check out books on their own, and our Makerspaces stations. Makerspaces is a new trend in libraries to help students problem solve, be creative, work together to create projects, and build life skills.  Each week, students come to the library for class time.  They will learn library skills, research skills, interacting with others and many more skills.  Students will have the opportunity to check out a book and work at one station with a partner.  We hope the library is a place the students will want to visit often. 


    All students check out one (1) book at a time.  They can keep it for two weeks.  If it is not returned, it becomes overdue.  There are no fines for overdue books, but the student cannot check out a new book until the overdue book is returned. Please keep in mind that other students may be waiting to read the book.  Please return books on time!
    Students come to the library once a week.  Please check the library schedule to know when their class comes to the library
    Overdue notices are sent home once a month (more often if necessary).  The price for replacing the book is listed on the notice.  If the book has been lost, the student is expected to pay for it.
    Borrowing books from the library is a privilege.  When a student checks out a book, he/she is expected to be responsible for returning the books in good condition. 


If a student loses a hardback library book, the price that it cost the library is usually listed on the overdue notice.  Please do not purchase a copy of the missing book on your own.  The hardback books in our library have library bindings, which are stronger than the publisher's binding sold in stores.  Also, our books have been cataloged and processed with a barcode and spine label.  Yes, you might be able to purchase the book for less in a store, but it will have an inferior binding, and I will have to catalog the book, and add the spine label and barcode.  Please just pay the fee so the book can be re-ordered.  

Library books sometimes get damaged in backpacks or at home.  If the book can be repaired enough that it can remain in circulation, there is no charge.  If the book is damaged beyond repair, the student will be charged the same amount as if it were lost.


1.  Cougars listen.
2.  Cougars follow directions.
3.  Cougars raise their hand to talk.
4.  Cougars walk in a building
5.  Cougars have respect for others.