Program Advertising

Available Sizes

Size Measurements Pixels Price
Bus. Card 2.5”H x 3.5”W 750x1050 $20
Banner 2.5”H x 7.0”W 750x2100 $30
¼ Page 5.0”H x 3.5”W 1500x1050 $40
½ Page 5.0”H x 7.0”W 1500x2100 $65
Full page 10” H x 7.0”W 3000x2100 $100
(back cover – Full page $125) Outside back cover sold. Inside back cover still available.

Ads of ½ page or more will receive a link to their site on the website as sponsors of our event and programming book. Advertisements submitted should be in black and white (gray-scale). We can scan business cards for placement, but will not retouch or re-size submissions as this leads to degradation of the image and a poor quality result.

Deadlines for Submissions

Commitment to place an advertisement: December 1
Payment Deadline: December 15
Art Deadline: December 30

Contact/Payment Information

Make any inquiries to

Payments may be arranged through


Credit Card

-or by check to-

MEC 215 W Troy, Ste. 1013, Ferndale, MI 48220