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Board of Directors

John Alexie -John is a grounding rock of support for when people cannot find their feet, but doesn't have a specific path he follows. He has been a part of ConVocation since 2011. After having volunteered and staffed for years, he joined the board in 2017 to help out more the community more than just during the convention. 

Claudine Durham  - Being a practicing Witch for many decades now I have done and seen many things. I am proud to be a part of the MEC family and look forward to many more years ahead. They say all roads lead to a final destination, but taking side roads sometimes leads to great discoveries, so I choose to find new roads to travel and be amazed by the things I find. A Witch, an Artist and a seeker of Knowledge. 

Enafae Moore-SweetEnafae has been a practicing Witch for most of her life. Working as an Energy Worker and Empowerment Coach she has received instruction from a variety of master trainers, priests, priestesses, and yogis and draws together many diverse traditions and viewpoints. Sharing her gifts is her life's personal and professional fulfillment.  She has been on the MEC board since 2018 and on ConStaff since 2009. She the Co-Chair for 2019.
Lindsay Moss - Has been involved with the local pagan community and ConVocation since 2000. Lindsay joined the ConVo-cation staff in 2005 after several years of volunteering, and joined the MEC Board of Directors in 2011. Her goal with MEC and ConVocation is to continue to foster the community ties brought together by and made at all of the MEC events, as well as to continue opening up learning opportunities that are created by MEC.  

Andrew RobinsonAndrew began attending ConVocation in 2005. He quickly discovered that he felt at home in the community and over the next several years became increasingly involved with ConVocation. In 2017 he joined the BOD in the hopes of helping of the pagan community even more. Andrew follows an eclectic path, however he has affinity for the Norse Gods. Andrew is always willing to discuss religion and philosophy in an attempt to further his knowledge and practice.

Cindy Wiggins - (Formerly Dugan) became formally involved with ConVocation in 2001 because her love of food and cook-ing made her unable to stay out of a conversation about planning for ConVocation’s Hospitality Suite…  She has since be-come a member of MEC’s Board of Directors, serving several terms as Secretary and on and off as Treasurer, and finally as con chair for 2009 and 2013.  At Con, Cindy has held positions in Hospitality, Registration, and Operations, as well as work-ing for one of Con’s Former Merchants. While a First Degree Counsellor of House Kheperu, Cindy is still exploring the many sides of her own spirituality. She believes that as a Board Member of MEC her main focus is to keep the variety of offerings that Convocation is so well known for.